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Short Story: The Truth About Telegram

Short Story: The Truth About Telegram


The telegram is a free messaging application that runs on Android, iOS, and Desktop or the application is a form of Whatsapp, in the same way, that Whatsapp is used, in the same way, we can use it. The telegram is complete, users friendly and also completely safe and secure as it is a cloud-based messaging service. It has been made so user-friendly that you can use it easily and the features that have been given are very simple so that you can understand the options easily.


The telegram is developed by Two Brothers named Nikolai and Pavel and did in 2013 and is a resident of Russia. These brothers had earlier developed a social networking site called VK Application which is still quite popular, then after a few years, they left VK and joined Mail.Ru group.


Security Features

Telegram Secure us with these security features are-

  • Local Password Lock
  • 2-Step Authentication
  • Self-Destruct Secret Chats
  • Public username
  • Online Status
  • Log Out of Other Accounts
  • Account Self Destruct
  • Telegram Channels


The telegram has two types of channels such as


Public channel

Private channel


Public channel

Public Channel is created by a user and is brought to the public domain through a Username and can be easily searched by searching on the Internet and can also join.

Private channel

Private Channel is created by a User or Communities which is usually closed to the general public. To join this channel a private message has to be sent, then they are above the Communities or User, whether they give you permission to join the channel or not.


Advantage Of Telegram Channel

There are many benefits to Telegram Channel Join such as-

  • In this, you can share knowledge, thoughts, and ideas with people.
  • Telegram Channel provides an opportunity to communicate with many new people.
  • With this, you can use it to increase your business and also get a chance to advertise your business.
  • Also, by joining Telegram Group, you can discuss any topic and you get the solution for that topic as well.
  • In this, you can share your product information with people and you can also sell them.
  • On Telegram, you can also share Emoji Stickers with people as funny jokes.


Types Of Telegram Groups

There are two types of Groups on Telegram, which have been divided according to the number of members such as-


Basic Group

Super Group


Basic Group

There are 200 members in the Basic Group and such members are mostly of family and friends. To join this group, an invite link is given through which anyone can join.

Super Group

The Super Group consists of more than 100,000 members, such groups are usually formed by the community. This group is designed for community hosts and optimizations to have been made to run at a better speed. And if you miss a message, then with the help of Administration Tools, you can retrieve your message.


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