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Short Story: History of Electric Vehicles

Short Story: History of Electric Vehicles



Electric vehicles run by electric, a source of power stored in batteries. Electric vehicles work to protect the environment from pollution, but petrol and diesel polluted. This battery can be charged from an electric power source and you can charge at home, or from charging stations.


Electric vehicles have started, which we are also using in everyday life as a service of transportation such as:

  • Electric Cars
  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Buses
  • Electric Tracks
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Electric Trains

We heard every day that pollution is spreading, and we know the reason for pollution petrol and diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles are an alternative to fossil fuel-driven vehicles. But do you know that in the 19th century, 40% of electric cars, 38% of steam cars and 22% of petrol cars were present?

Nowadays, the cars we see around us all run on petrol and diesel, so why has it changed so much? We will talk about this later, first, let us see how electric vehicles work. In electric cars, the main three things are important such as Battery, Inverter and Conduction Motor.

We all know the battery is that gathers the power source, after then the power source sent to the inverter. Then through the help of the conduction motor vehicle’s wheel rotates.

The conduction motor which runs on AC current is changed by the frequency of this current and the speed control of the motor is done.

There, the conduction motor runs on AC current and the battery gives DC current, so we use an inverter. The inverter only converts DC current to AC current. The inverter changes the frequency of Ac current due to which the RPM of the vehicle changes. So, we can keep the speed control of our car.



  • Less Cost-Efficiency
  • Petrol Saving
  • Less Maintenance
  • Saving Environment
  • Control Health-Related Problems
  • Safety-Related Improvements (less risk for major fires or explosions)
  • Noise Deduction

Less Cost-Efficiency

We have to keep EV for less expenditure, which keeps our daily budget. Which not available in petrol and diesel vehicles.


Petrol Saving

To charge EV one has to spend around one-third of the electric which is not available in fuel vehicles.


Less Maintenance

We are spent lots of money on fuel vehicles because engines are the main reason but in the case of EV, it is not. So that thing affects motor maintenance expenses and budget.


Saving Environment

To protect the environment by EV is the main purpose of the inventor as it relates to our lives. We all have to pay attention to this, and we have to give more emphasis to this revolution.


Control Health-Related Problems

With the help of EV, we can protect ourselves from infected diseases. Many people dies by air pollution every year, so we have to take the right decision to solve this problem.


Safety-Related Improvements

EV helps reduce the risk to some extent as there is less possibility of fire due to no petroleum engine.


Noise Deduction

Noise pollution due to EV is very less due to which a quiet environment is created which is necessary for humans and the environment.


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